We Can Help You Develop a Plan.

Like a game of chess, competitive homebuilder marketing takes strategy and planning. You can't win by guessing or trial and error. You miss home sale opportunities when you fly by the seat of your pants. Farber Marketing has spent over 3 decades helping home builders develop and implement winning marketing plans. We can help you. Often this begins with a Homebuilder Marketing Audit, and leads to the development of a complete Homebuilder Marketing Plan.


We Can Help You Implement the Plan.

Once your Homebuilder Marketing Plan is in place, the next step is professional implementation of the plan. "professional" is a key word here. We are experts in new home marketing, advertising, graphics and sales. We know how to bring in customers, and can guide you through what works and what doesn't. The homebuilding industry is a specialized market requiring a unique understanding - something most marketing or advertising agencies do not have. Farber Marketing is an expert in this field.


We Offer You a Unique, Expert Perspective.

Sometimes an outside perspective is what is needed to create or improve a new home marketing program. In our case, that perspective is made stronger by decades of experience and expertise in the homebuilding industry. Our principals have been involved in the sale and marketing of tens of thousands of new construction homes in hundreds of communities across the nation. We can help you put a strategic plan in place to help you meet your goals.