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About us.

The picture isn't clear until the pieces are assembled in the proper order. Farber Marketing's unique perspective of the home building industry can help you make sense of the marketing puzzle.


Our History —

For over 35 years, home builders all over the country have been turning to Farber Marketing to help them with their marketing programs. As a charter member of the National Builder Marketing Society, we've been associated with some of the nation's top new home marketing specialists, and have gained a unique understanding of what works to market and sell homes...and what doesn't.


We've been through all of the economic cycles, technology changes, buyer behavior evolutions, product changes, and constant challenges home builders have faced over the decades. We have made it our focus to study these things, and how they relate to marketing and selling new homes.


We've been able to help builders see the bigger picture by putting the puzzle pieces together.

Why choose Farber Marketing?

Led by Steven M. Farber

For the past 35 years, the firm has been led by industry expert Steven M. Farber, and has been involved in the sale and marketing of tens of thousands of homes and subdivisions throughout the country. Call today for a free initial consultation about your business!


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Don't just take our word for it


Armed with decades of expertise  helping home builders all over the country create and implement their marketing plans, Farber Marketing is ready to tackle your situation.


We are based in St. Louis, Missouri, a quick drive or flight to anywhere in the US. Contact us today to schedule an onsite visit, and get started with your marketing audit or plan today.


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Home builder sales and marketing experts
Home builder sales and marketing experts
Home builder sales and marketing experts
Home builder sales and marketing experts