home builder marketing plan

Audit Or Plan - Which Do You Need?


Home Builder Marketing Audit

A Home Builder Marketing Audit is a focused evaluation of an individual new home project or a home building company's entire marketing program. Many times a fresh viewpoint from a professional without a vested interest can generate new thinking and direction. The Home Builder Marketing Audit report will show you where you may be able to improve, point out challenges and opportunities, and provide a starting point for your Home Builder Marketing Plan.


Home Builder Marketing Plan

A Home Builder Marketing Plan is like a set of blueprints for achieving success in your home building business. Once you understand clearly what your challenges and opportunities are using the marketing audit, the marketing plan provides the proper path to follow. It outlines how you will attempt to reach prospective new home buyers with the specific goals, strategies and tactics that will be implemented. It includes a calendar of those actions along with an associated budget. It becomes the heart of your new home marketing program.


Which is right for you?

If you have an internal marketing staff that you feel can take our marketing audit report, full of suggestions and direction, and develop a complete marketing plan in-house, then you should start with the marketing audit. This will be your road map to a successful marketing plan. Farber Marketing will always be there to help and guide as needed.


If you do not have an internal marketing staff, or feel less confident in the creation of an in-house plan, our complete marketing plan package (which includes the marketing audit) is right for you.


In either case, it all starts with an onsite visit.

We'll meet in your offices and review your company goals and current plans. We'll discuss your market, your competition, your vision. We'll identify what you see as your strengths and weaknesses, your challenges and opportunities. We'll tour your homes and those of your competitors. We'll review your marketing and advertising, we'll interview your staff and management. We'll gather important statistics and document information. We'll collect samples, take photos, ask a lot of questions and do a lot of listening.

Then, we'll take all of the data we've gathered and filter it through Farber Marketing's years of experience and expertise in the home building industry. We'll provide you with a detailed report advising you of our findings, and suggestions for improvements or modifications that will help you reach your goals. We'll show you where you are heading in the right direction, and we'll show you where you might be going astray. Sometimes the suggested changes are slight, but vital. Sometimes they are drastic and course-changing.

Whether you end up with a complete plan or simply the audit, the right place to start is with Farber Marketing at your conference table.